My Back Pages

On this blog you will find a physical and creative outpouring of my personality. Like most people, not all aspects of my personality are particularly pleasant, but in accordance with being a fully functioning and reasonably contented human being, I always aim to be as honest as I can.

The Bare Basics

My name is Ronnie and I am a twenty eight year old wayward son living and working on the outskirts of London. I am a wizard of sorts, hopeless devoted to rearranging the same twenty six letters over and over again in the relentless pursuit of unadulterated majesty. I split my time between being a mother to a rather wonderful small person named Molly and persistently not reaching my potential working jobs that leave my mind and soul numb.

Among other things I am a massive fan of reading, writing, black coffee, live music, cigarettes, knitwear, horror movies, band t-shirts, flamboyant shoes, noodles, spontaneous adventures, bats, harmonicas, black and white music, needles, photographs, mustard, poetry, going outside, making terrible decisions and watching other people play video games that I lack the ability or stamina to play myself.

And this is my face –


I thank you for your time and your tireless efforts to convince me that any of this makes sense, or indeed matters.

Homin Fun Demo Regular


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