People Should Be More Like Books.

You could burn a book, love a book, hate a book, mistreat it, beat it and wear it down.
You can spit on it, make love to it, be its best friend and its worst enemy.
It doesn’t care that you didn’t call or if you left it out in the rain to fall apart.
You can sleep on it, wrap a book around yourself to keep warm.
Its family doesn’t hate you and you never have to say thank you.
Its there when you want it and there when you don’t but it only borrows your time.
With one story to tell the pages don’t go through phases and a books favourite colour is always its favourite.
It is always on your mind but doesn’t make demands on your time.
Content in your bed or on the table beside it a book is the faithful –
Dustcatcher, doorstop, coaster, mousemat and table top levelling device.
A cracked spine, a broken spine, a beaten, worn or pristine cover, hard or paper backed –
A book cannot learn new tricks once it has learnt its only purpose.
It never sleeps but doesn’t yawn and it never eats but doesn’t feel hunger.
When you are tired the book wants to sleep and when you are hungry the book wants to eat.
A book is never jealous and doesn’t seek to control matters out of its own control.
It is there, constant and waiting, but does not mind the company you keep when it is not its own.
It loves you for who you are today, were yesterday and will be tomorrow.
It loves without selfish pride or deepening disillusionment.
It is perfectly flawed and it knows that you stopped caring a long time ago.


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